We have produced information to help our tenants and partners understand how well we performed throughout the year. We want to demonstrate that we are open about what we do and publish balanced information about our activities. We publish this report every year and send it to our tenants and partners.

We have provided information regarding our Performance throughout the past 2 years on the following subjects

  • Customer Care
  • Estate Management
  • Becoming a Hafod Tenant
  • Living in Your Home
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Planned & Cyclical Maintenance
  • Income Management / Paying Your Rent
  • Anti Social Behaviour
  • Tenant Involvement

To access our Performance report for 2017 click HERE

Tenants are invited to give feedback using a wide range of options as listed below:

• Complete satisfaction surveys,
• Become a Tenant Assessor to test our services.

Without our tenants help we would struggle to improve our services.

Information within this booklet focuses on the following performance areas:

Service Standards

We work to a set of service standards that clearly explain what we aim to achieve. We are committed to continually improving our standards of service. We monitor our performance against each service standard annually.

STAR Results

STAR (Survey of Tenants And Residents) is the name of the annual tenant satisfaction survey we carry out. Whilst we measure how well we perform through our key performance indicators we want to know how well our tenants think we perform. Currently we survey half of our tenants every year. Up until 2011 we used the STATUS model of questionnaire.

By using STAR we can compare our results with other landlords in Wales through the HouseMark Benchmarking club. 

Hafod's internal key Performance Indicators 

A key performance indicator is an activity we feel is important to our tenants and the well being of the business. We monitor our key performance indicators every month.

HouseMark Benchmarking Results

The HouseMark Benchmarking club is where we compare how well we perform against other benchmarking club members. Every year we measure our services and send the off to HouseMark to be compared with other members which include housing associations and local authorities. This helps us understand how well we perform against other landlords.

Our benchmarking performance dashboard can be accessed HERE

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