Complaints & Compliments

We always strive to offer the best possible service to all our customers. However, we recognise that sometimes we do get it wrong and if you have been unhappy with our service we believe you should be able to tell us. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement we believe that it is important to know when we have got it wrong and where our service could be improved.

Likewise, if we are doing something well or if we have exceeded your expectations we would like to hear to about it. You can pay a compliment either by telephone, email, by putting it in writing or feel free to drop in and tell us.

To e-mail a compliment please use the following address:

What is the complaint process?

Stage One - Staff will deal with the initial approach and attempt to resolve your concern. Your complaint will be acknowledged and you will have a final response from the Service Manager or progress report (if the complaint is more complex), within 28 days.

Stage Two - If you are dissatisfied after stage one, the Managing Director will carry out an independent investigation. You should have a response within 28 days.

Stage Three - This is our final stage. If you are still dissatisfied your complaint can be referred to our Board of Management. You can make further written representations here or appeal in person if you wish. You should have a response within 28 days.

Please click here to submit a complaint online.

Please click here to download our Complaint Form.

Please click here to download our Complaints Booklet.

What happens if your complaint is upheld?

We will try and agree a remedy with you that matched the seriousness of the complaint. Remedies can include:

  • A written apology.
  • A change in procedure.
  • Providing the service desired by you.
  • Compensation.

Are there any special rules regarding compensation?

Yes. The following guidelines are taken into account:

  • Whether you have incurred any specific losses.
  • The amount of damages that might be awarded by a county court in similar circumstances.
  • The amount of time you have had to spend in pursuing the matter.
  • Any exceptional worry, distress or inconvenience you might have suffered.

We won't award compensation if the problem was due to reasons beyond our control.

Public Service Ombudsman for Wales

By law, the Ombudsman cannot investigate complaints about some things, including:

• properly made decisions that a public body or a provider of public services has a right to make, even if you do not agree with the decision;
• most staff matters such as pay or discipline (however, he can consider complaints about recruitment or appointment procedures);
• teaching, curriculum, conduct, discipline and management in schools and colleges; and
• the rent and service charges set by a social landlord.

The Ombudsman also cannot investigate a complaint where you have, or had, a legal right of appeal or the right to take the matter to court, unless he is satisfied that in the particular circumstances it is not reasonable to expect you to have done so.

The Ombudsman can be telephoned on 01656 641 150 or visit their website at Their address is 1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae, Pencoed, Bridgend CF35 5LJ.  The Public Services Ombudsman Booklet can be accessed HERE

Complaints & Compliments
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