Housing Services Reorganisation

We are in the process of looking at how we deliver our services to you – our tenants.

Our Housing Services are currently delivered by two teams;

  • Our Neighbourhood Housing Team manage the following services; Rehousing & Allocations, Tenancy Management and Community Safety (Anti-Social Behaviour). 
  • Our Income Recovery Team manage all aspects of your rent account; including Rent Arrears, refunds of credits and the collection of Former Tenants Arrears.

We are planning to merge the two teams in April 2018 and Housing and Income Officers will become Neighbourhood Coaches. The Neighbourhood Coaches will: 

  • Help you to deal with all aspects of your tenancy
  • Provide advice about paying your rent
  • Deal with questions and concerns about your neighbourhood including Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Have fewer tenancies/properties to manage
  • Be able to develop closer relationships with you - helping us to understand your needs
  • Be spending more time in your neighbourhoods dealing with your queries and concerns

We plan to keep a few specialist roles which support the Neighbourhood Coaches; Former Tenants Arrears, Smart Money (money & benefit advice) and Community Safety (Anti-Social Behaviour).

These changes will be taking place from April 2018 and our Neighbourhood Coaches will be introducing themselves to you over the next month.   If you would like to know more about these changes please contact your Neighbourhood Housing or Income Recovery Officer for more details.

Housing Services Reorganisation
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